Added films do not have tags?

It seems that a lot of IMDb pages that are added through the new beta do not have tags, like year, director, etc?
Sorry if this has been asked about here already.

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Anyone know what I mean?
Look at this:

Resident Evil: Vendetta is a new movie and a relatively new entry. There are no tags.
Not a problem for me, but when movies are listed in my “recently” checked list, it looks wonky because some titles have a shorter row because of the missing tags.
I guess I’m nitpicking… but still…

Yes, tags are deprecated in the new version so recently imported movies get no tags since all the filters in the beta work directly on the data.

I agree it makes things look kind of awkward, and breaks some filters in the live version, but I don’t think this is something Marijn is going to change.

Makes sense, thanks for the info!