Adding an old imdbid as part of a 'by imdbid list' import

While trying to add a major list, with about 5000 entries imported from my personal database, by imdbid containing this imdbid (which is an old id for i kept getting an error that it was added to the import que

eventually as the que got processed got this message returned
"The following item(s) you have added to the movie queue were successfully processed:
MyMovies lists:

retrying would give the same error, luckily i was able to narrow it down by using offset.

i’m sure this is a very rare case, but atleast you’re aware of this bug now

Summary beeing: the problem caused by it is that nothing will get added to a list added by imdbid if it contains a “defect” imdbid

Incidentally while doing this i found another bug, which i propably should not post in public. However i found no private message function on here so I would appreciate if some admin/mod could contact me and ill describe it.

You can PM on the main IcheckMovies site, I’ll send you a message there.