Adding imdb titles not working

I used the beta site to try to add two imdb entries to the main site, tt12042084 and tt12042096. The beta site said they were successfully added to the queue. The main site gave me the message that the titles had been successfully processed but there was no hyperlink to the title’s page like there normally is and the title is still not searchable by name or imdb identifier. I tried tt12042084 a second time with no success. I plan to add all the episodes in the first season of this series when I can.

Thank you!

Hi spen.

Neither entry on imdb has a release date, so it won’t be able to be imported into icm. From my understanding, the title needs to at least have a year attributed to it for icm to recognize it and successfully process it.

Thank you for that explanation. Apparently this is the first time I have tried to import something without a release date. I will look into seeing if I can get that updated.

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