This has happened with a couple of different lists recently, so I’m beginning to think it’s actually a bug.

I am attempting to create a personal list, based on this list:

I create the list, enter that URL under “By IMDB list URL” tab, and click save button, then get the above-mentioned error page, every time.

As far as I know, that has never worked as long as I’ve been on iCM.

Export the list from IMDb. Copy the movie-urls from the csv. Edit the list on iCM. Go to the tab “By IMDB movie url(s)”. Paste the movie-urls there and save.

It did work at one time, yes. But it hasn’t worked for a while, and since exporting and copy pasting urls from the csv is pretty quick and painless I doubt it’s a priority to fix.

Should be top priority tbh. It’s one of the most, if not the most used features when it comes to list making.

Has this ever worked? I always create and edit lists using IMDb Movie urls.

Still not working over a year later

It has never worked since I’m on iCM (which is since early 2012). Just don’t bother with that option. Export the IMDb list. Copy all the movie urls to the tab on iCM that says “by IMDb Movie URL(s)”. Then save.