Ads covering up site

Drop down ad from top of page covers login area/links making it hard to use site. (At least on phones)

I just tried this on android and get the same thing, I think it’s something that happens when zooming in, even if you zoom out again. When loading it doesn’t overlap, and scrolling up or down keeps everything in place, but as soon as I zoom everything, even a little bit, the layout readjusts and then there is no way to access the top panel.

In the meantime, @wilyhawk on the bottom left of that drop down ad there’s a little tab with a ^ if you click it it’ll minimize the ad and should let you access the menu. I actually didn’t know that was there until I checked the site on PC because on a phone that little tab is so tiny.

@Marijn Maybe you can look at this? Most users will not know how to deal with such an ad overlapping content.

Google turned on AutoAds for the site. That injects those really awful ads on the bottom. I’ve disabled them.