All users listed by awards way off

If you go to the menu People and select Charts on the main page, and then sort by awards, you will notice as you go from page to page that some users are listed that shouldn’t be. “Extras” or “Actors” would not generally be found on the first few pages of this ordered list. And if one of these were selected, you can see on their progress page that they shouldn’t be as high as they are.

Hello traistboar,

I’m not sure I fully understand the issue you’re trying to describe.

For example, on the first page of the Charts, sorted by Awards, toward the bottom you’ll see benjapin and yormovies. benjapin has Actor rank on that page, and yormovies has Oscar Winner rank.

On their individual profiles, they both have Extra rank. This is a known bug that Marijn is trying to fix, where the rank on the user page is different from the rank displayed in the various charts. I don’t believe a solution has been found yet. The ordering in the chart, however, is technically correct since benjapin has 198 awards and yormovies has 197.

Now, benjapin actually only has 70 awards (which you can see by going to his awards page), and the discrepancy is from lists where he keeps gaining and losing awards. Each switch adds one to his awards count, even though he’s not actually gaining a new award. This is another known bug that was tested and confirmed a few months back, but a solution for this has also eluded Marijn for the time being.

Lastly, the correlation between the user rank and the number of awards they have isn’t straightforward. Someone could be ranked highly (because they have a lot of official checks) but still be low on the ranking by awards (because, for example, they only completed 49% of each list and so have no awards). The opposite is less likely to be true (a lot of awards but low rank), but not impossible, since the two metrics are calculated based on different aspects of the site.

I hope that explains what you’re describing. If I’ve completely misunderstood what you meant, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Re: Known bug where awards count is increased without actually getting a new award

The Issue: The Awards page of each user profile contains an “Awards” tab and an “All” tab, both with a number in parentheses that supposedly represents that user’s award total. The “All” tab is almost always correct, with the possible exception of awards earned that day. The “Awards” tab, however, can get out of sync and diverge from the true total quite dramatically. The bug can most frequently be seen in dormant profiles such as benjapin. It becomes an issue for everyone because the site will use the “Awards” tab total when ranking all users.

The History: There is at least one other forum thread on this dating back to 2017. It started with some users noting a discrepancy of 1 or 2 between the totals on their own profiles. My research found that dormant profiles were seeing discrepancies in the dozens, and that as many as 1/3 of all profiles were affected. In May of 2020, I created a test account (Award Genie) that was able to prove my theory. Over the course of the next 2 years, that largely dormant profile with less than 500 checks and an “All” total of 19 accumulated 169 awards. I brought it to the attention of PeacefulAnarchy in July of 2021, who in turn notified Marijn.

Partial Fix: In March 2022 some change was introduced to the site. From that point on, profiles like benjapin and my test account stopped accumulating phantom awards. It did not force a sync though, so the bogus “Awards” totals remained frozen. The site already has a mechanism to force a sync, however. After logging into my test account this week, I registered enough checks to trigger an instant award upgrade. When this happened, my “Awards” and “All” tabs synced to 30.

My Suggestion: A batch process that finds all profiles where the “Awards” and “All” totals differ then triggers the instant award routine as if something was checked.