Another problem with "Update info"

Updating the info of a TV episode with a title in the form “Cheers: Norm Eats His Shoe” often removes the show’s title and just leaves the episode title only (“Norm Eats His Shoe”). This didn’t used to be the case.

I spent way too long looking for that specific episode before realizing it was a fake example. :man_facepalming:

Do you have a real example of an episode where this happened?

I just tried it for another Cheers episode and it did indeed remove the series title, but I’d like a few more examples to present to Marijn for him to look into.


I did write “in the form.”

Here’s one that I just “broke” by mistake. The series name vanished.

Thanks. I’ve reported it to Marijn.

Hey, this problem seems to be fixed better than ever before now. Thanks, great! I’m fixing a slew of episode titles that are missing the series title.

It has indeed been fixed. There are still some pages on IMDb it will not work for, but that number should be low.

Wonderful. Now, if only you could fix the bug where you can’t import director names that contain an apostrophe. “O’Neill,” etc. In fact, I think it prevents ANY field of a film being imported/updated. Also, I think the list counts still haven’t been tweaked after the Doubling the Canon list was updated. I just keep revisiting the below page to see if the film is on 0 lists yet…nope, still wrongly says “1.” I know “The Children’s Hour” (1961) is another example.