Any chance to see all movies that I added to ICM database?

I added so many films to ICM’s database. Is there any chance to see all of them all together somewhere?

I remember there used to be a tag at a movie for the user who added it to iCM, but I can’t find it now.

There is, but it doesn’t always show up. So this list may be incomplete, but it’s the best available:

So you can get there by going to “all movies” then put user:joachimt (for example) in the filterbox. Pff, you have to know that. Very hidden. I thought the user-tag was shown at movies in searchresults in the past (or maybe at other places), but I don’t see it anywhere showing up now.

The usertag does show up in search results, but if you click it in search results it’ll only filter those search results. It also shows up in the all movies list, which is where i looked for it, or in any other place you can see the other tags. I just found a movie with a usertag in the all movies list and changed the username. If usertags aren’t showing up at all for you then you’re either looking at films that don’t have them (which is a lot of them) or you have some extension hiding them.

Edit: I think tags are being deprecated in the new version, so this won’t be possible in 3.0 unless the data is listed elsewhere and a filter for it is added.

Thank you very much for all answers.