Awards bug

Thought something was wrong with Korean Screen’s 100 Greatest Korean Films since I didn’t get an award after this list was made official. I had 50/100 checks at that time. Watched another movie today and finally got the bronze at 51/100

Also was pointed out that Time Out’s The 100 Best Thrillers isn’t being awarded. I have 99/100 and no award.

No idea on filmSPOT’s Best Portuguese Films since I’m not close. Need four more checks on David di Donatello - Best Italian Film, so also can’t say it is or isn’t working.

btw, someone else reported this

Awards should have been given out for all the new lists now.

Not sure what’s up with the icon though. @Marijn will have to take a look at it.

yes, my Thriller award notice arrived today - maybe just a bit sluggish? Thanks.