Awards Count Inaccurate


Small bug, but the awards count that you see on the tab from your profile home doesn’t match the number of awards you actually have. This has occurred since a couple days ago when I got my most recent award.

Here’s a screenshot:

Instawards are Broken

Looking through your progress page the 55 (and corresponding award breakdown) is correct. No idea what’s happening there. Mine also appears to be messed up, in the opposite direction. Maybe @Marijn can take a look, possibly the new lists messed up the count somewhere.


No, not the new lists - I’ve noticed the discrepancy for a long time.


Heh. New Award, same issue. This time, the “All” count incremented, but the “Awards” count did not.


Yeah, it’s a caching issue. I’ll fix it


I am having this same issue.


Should be fixed :slight_smile:


Indeed it is. Thank you!


Hi, I’m having a similar issue. My awards on my profile page shows as 43 whereas I onyl have 29 awards.


I’ve fixed the count for you :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m having the same issue for some weeks ago.



Same issue for me again. I think you have a bug in your code. You should fix it instead of fixing everyone’s separately.


I have this too. 55 actual awards but it says 56 on my profile page.