Awards on newest lists

We got some fresh lists today, great ! Nevertheless, they do not seem to give awards correctly, since having seen more than 50% on the following lists :
did not result in an award, at least for me. I watched a movie on each on those lists this afternoon to see if that could force an update but that move did not seem to work (I saw two fine movies though, so that is a positive !). If you could investigate this issue (or maybe this just needs time to settle and there is no issue, but if this is the case I would be glad if you could clarify)…
Thanks, cheers,

This will take some time for new official lists

Probably a related issue: The count is only correct for platinum, all the others are wrong. This goes for all three lists, I am giving TIFF here as an example.

For bronze, I should need 1 check to reach 22 checks. Instead it tells me I need 43+22=65 checks.

Seems to be a little long for the new lists to repair themself on the progress page…

The rankings are ok but not the awards…

Tried to uncheck some films and rechecked them … no luck

@Marijn : I have news on the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Tried to unselect ALL the TIFF films to see if it will make the progress page move …

Strangely… unselecting all the movies don’t give me 0/43 on both progress and list … but 1/43 on the progress page. See :

Reselecting all the 43 … then brings us back to square 1 … Still progress page broken.

Figured out the problem and fixed it. After the next award run the counts should be correct. It will also be fixed when you check a movie from one of the new lists.

Problem was caused by an incorrect calculation of the cutoffs.

Let me try …

No need to check/uncheck … it’s already corrected : Thx Marijn !