Barely working

The functionality of the site (at least for me) seems to be minimal.

  • Can neither check nor uncheck a film.

  • When I hover over my name at the top, no dropdown list appears (messages, progress, etc). Clicking on my name has no effect.

  • When I click in the search bar, “Search iCheckMovies” does not clear, as it has done up til about 15 minutes ago. Similarly, when I drag a title over from IMDb, it plants the title into the middle of “Search iCheckMovies” (see screenshot). This is brand new behavior. When I used to use Firefox, this was the normal behavior, but with Chrome, I simply need to click in the box or drop in a title and the default text was gone.

  • When I do try to check a film, the page immediately scrolls back to the top of the page.

  • I have cleared my cache, removed all iCM cookies and logged in from scratch.

I hope that this is just a temporary problem.

  • iCM%20Search%20Bar

Yes I have the same problem. Changing browsers doesn’t help either. Hope this will be fixed soon.

edit: checking still seems to work in the new beta version

Same here. Clicking the “new” tab of a list doesn’t show me the new movies.

Anything that should appear by hoovering doesn’t appear.

I watch lists in compact view. When I click on full view, nothing happens.

@Marijn: What’s going on?

I can’t reproduce this problem right now. The site seems to be working normally. Is anyone still experiencing these issues? Even after a hard refresh (CTRL+F5)?

site now working normally - can check films, search box, and menu dropdowns/popups working fine

Yes indeed, back to normal. Strange that some saw the problems and some didn’t. Thanks Marijn for responding and checking.

Seems to be happening again, can’t search, check or expand lists.