Bizarre Beta Site Behavior

If you try to go to go to the beta site version of the following film:

It redirects to the page for 2 Days in Paris. This seems like a really weird redirect logic…

It’s because the url format on live is: movies/[title]-[year if necessary]-[number if necessary]
but on beta it’s movies/[ICMID]-[title]-[year if necessary]-[number if necessary] where the ICMID is determinative and the rest of the url is just informative.

The redirect logic is IF no ICMID, then lookup title and rewrite the URL. But if the title, like that one, is just a number, then it interprets the title as the ICMID and fixes up the URL for that ICMID.

A temporary workaround is to go to the director filter in beta and it will show up there.

Here’s the beta link, in case anyone is looking for it: 1974 (2016) -

Groovy. I updated it’s info to give it the full title. Should be much easier to find now anyway.

thanks for the awesome information.