Broken HTTPS on website

Something is wrong with the site. I am getting warnings about broken HTTPS, and scripts not being loaded. Basic navigation works, but drop down menus, tabs in lists etc do not work. Some of the functionality is restored if I override and load insecure scripts, but not all.

Chrome browser, classic site (not beta), Windows 7.

I’m unable to reproduce this. Logged out, logged back in, everything works fine for me, no warnings or anything. Tried Firefox 49.0.2 and Chromium 53.0.2785.143 on Linux Mint 17.2.

Is your browser up to date? Does flushing your cache work? (You can “force reload” everything by pressing Ctrl+F5, that sometimes does the trick).

Dansk? :slight_smile:

Looks fine now on another computer. I’ll check again tomorrow. Local, network or temporary issue?

Ja, dansk! :scream:

Who knows, it might even be a localized Cloudflare issue. I’ve had strange things happen with HTTPS, where one browser flat out refused to load a site and another never even blinked.

Everything is fine today, from the same computer that had the issue yesterday. I have not changed anything, updated anything, cleared anything. Ah well. Case closed, I guess.