Bugs with importing

Ever since IMDb changed its design some months back, I’m recurrently aggravated by three things that have gone wrong with importing IMDb data to ICM.

  1. Adding a missing “TV-Miniseries” tag to an item never works anymore. Maybe it doesn’t work with “TV-Series” either – I’m not sure about that.

  2. If an item has more than three directors, only the first three names will be imported to ICM. Furthermore, if you update an ICM item that already has more than three directors, the “extra” directors will be wrongly removed.

  3. Running times that are exactly a multiple of an hour – 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, etc. – will not import. Hard for me to understand why ICM can’t handle a length that includes “0min.”

I’m on it :smiley:

Because imdb stopped including “0 min” in the time listing and the parser gets confused.

IMDb is the problem here. They keep messing up our importer :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ebbywebby All three issues have been fixed.

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AWESOME! Thanks!

I don’t know if the director bug is fixed. I just updated this item and “broke” it. It used to have six directors…now it has three.



And it doesn’t do well with importing the lengths of mini-series, such as the above case.

I think this was fixed, but it appears to have reverted to the old limit of 3.

I think this is because the runtime on imdb isn’t the default one, but has the attribute “entire series”. I’ve just deleted the attribute and will try to update the icm page again and see if it goes through.

No, this has not been fixed. That was for genres. If you look closely on the IMDb page, only the first three are displayed. The rest of them show up when you click on the arrow next to the directors. That is not easy to fix, because I need to crawl multiple pages for one title. The parser is not designed for that. I’ll look into it, but it’s not very high on the list of priorities.

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Bah! They didn’t accept my edit, so can’t confirm if that was the cause or not.

But IMDb used to list just TWO directors and the remaining directors were found with an additional click. And importing THOSE directors worked…

No, those were shown below the details header on the same page.


Lately, I’ve come across several films where the director can’t be imported to ICM, seemingly because the name is O’something with an apostrophe. Maybe diacritical marks in general are a problem now, not sure.

Confirmed, which is strange, because before when accents were breaking the updater it would cut off the name at the offending character, but this doesn’t seem to import any part of the name.

Have you only noticed it with apostrophes so far, or with other punctuation in names as well, such as hyphens?

The problem is that I’ve fixed so many of the cutoff director names that examples are a lot harder to find now. :wink: There was a time when I was fixing major names like Nagisa Ōshima and François Truffaut.


Another missing apostrophe-director who won’t import.