Cannot Check Movies


I am consistently unable to check titles that I’ve seen using the current version of ICM.
I am only able to successfully check the title if I switch to the beta format of the title’s page.


No problem here.

Have you tried logging in and out?
Have you cleared cache?


I’ve had this problem across multiple devices, including a work laptop that crashed and had a new hard drive installed. This isn’t a cache problem.


Do you have any ad/script blockers installed? Try opening the page in incognito window with all add-ons disabled or logging in another browser and see if you check it there.


I seem to have that issue as well. Try a “hard refresh” (Ctrl+F5) of the page and check as soon as the checkbox shows up (while the rest of the page is still loading). That seems to do it for me.

It may be, as bal3x mentions, my adblocker/script blocker that causes it, I have both of those.