Cannot Find Movie to Add to List But It's Clearly in the Database

I’m trying to add Le Samouraï to a list. When I search to add it, it’s not there. I’ve tried spelling it without the umlaut. I’ve tried dropping the article “Le”. I’ve tried entering it as it appears in the URL (“le+samourai”). It’s in 19 official top lists. I can add Swimmer Take All, Summer of the Monkeys, or Zimmer 606, but not this. If there’s a way to add it to a list directly from its own page, I can’t find it. What am I doing wrong and how do I do it right?

The search-engine is not very good for some titles.

In this case better add it by using the IMDb url. When you’re on the list editing page, go to the tab “By IMDb movie URL(s)”. There you can put the IMDb-url of Le Samuraï. You can put it on the bottom, save and then go to the first tab to replace it by drag-and-drop. Or you can put it on the right spot directly, but first you have to figure out the url of the movie right above it, so you know where to put the new one.

You can also search by the imdb ttid (which is tt0062229 for Le samouraï - it’s the last part of the imdb URL) or the director name instead of the title. Sometimes I use these when I’m trying to add a film with a particularly common name or short word. In this case, searching by ttid will give Le samouraï as the only result, searching for “melville” gives it as the 12th results, searching for “jean-pierre melville” gives it as the 2nd result, and searching for “melville samourai” gives it as the only result.

It’s a tad tedious, and the effectiveness of these alternatives don’t always work (adding the Chilean film “No” took me a long time once), but at least one of them should work.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the swift and helpful suggestions! Unfortunately, I botched the copy and paste and that one URL replaced every URL in the list. Maybe it’s God’s way of saying I shouldn’t bother with this one. sigh

When you go to the “By IMDb movie URL(s)”-tab, you see all the movie-urls of the current list in that box. You shouldn’t paste only that one url instead of the rest there. Sorry if I wasn’t clear about that.

If you give me the url of your list, I can give you the urls of the movies of the previous version, so you can fix it.

That’s okay, but thanks anyway! I only made it to 70 on the list, so not an impossible one to reconstruct. I may try making it on IMDb and import by the list URL, though. Might be a bit simpler for someone like me with a more limited grasp of such things.

another simpler way is putting the director’s name next to the movie title, I just searched “samurai melville” to test and it showed up instantly

Hate to say this but importing by list url has been broken ever since I joined iCM, which is over 8 years ago.

Natch! I tried title and year but didn’t think to try title and director. Good to know!

Welp. Maybe it’ll be fixed in the revamp? (A boy can dream, right?)