Cannot request poster update

I cannot request any poster update since there are no more “Request poster update” option in the pulldown menu for the beta pages of the titles as the instructions says:

> “Please use our beta to request a cover update of this movie. You can request the cover by clicking on the “Request poster update” item in the ‘(…)’ pulldown menu.”

I’ve just discovered that the “new beta” is the one which it’s not possible to request the movie posters, but there is the “old beta” movies profile pages where it can be done. Simply by adding “old” to the beginig of the url:
turns to

How do you even discover such a thing? Randomly trying? :joy:
I’m a mod and I didn’t even know this!

Well, I thing it was pure luck. Or, at least, sort of luck, lol. I can’t remember exactly but, I simply opened a beta page and I thought it was kind different. I clicked the dropdown menu and there it was: the “Request movie poster” option, along with other hiddden options in the new beta page.

I tried to redo the steps and went to the classic movie page, than clicked in a movie page where there wasn’t a poster and clicked for “Add a poster” but it lead to the new beta page.

Then, with the two tabs opened, I saw there was such a thing as “oldbeta” and the way to get there can be done by simply adding “old” to the beginning of the url.

(I think that the old beta pages are connected with the url pages in the icoming messages for lists updates. I cannot confirm right now because I deleted the most recent message for this in my inbox, but I almost certain it came from that)

Oh, important thing:
the new beta pages has a number before the name of the movie after the last dash, and this number needs to be removed also, in order to the access the old bet pages correctly.

to this

I’m not sure the button works. I’ve tried updating a poster a few days ago and it still hasn’t updated.

The button doesn’t work. The old beta is there for reference, but will be removed soon

I think you’re right. I was trying to update three titles but they never changed to the image that I uploaded at But there was this one ( that I’ve uploaded at IMDb and Cinematerial and without clicking the button “Request poster update” it now has the poster at iCheckmovies. Does anyone knows how is this working?

The site automatically updates the poster. First it checks TMDb, but if it can’t find it there, Cinematerial is used.