Can't add a movie to a list

When adding it to a list it gives me a message saying it is not on ICM and is in the movie import queue.
Then i get a message saying it has been imported, but the message keeps coming back.

After a movie is imported to iCM it takes 1 or 2 days before it’s possible to add it to a list. Very annoying, of course, but in the end it works.

@Marijn: Is there a way to solve this? This is a bug that has been bugging me and others for quite a while.

So I added some useless episodes almost 2 days ago. They’re already searchable, but I can’t add them to a list yet. Are these separate lists/operations too?

3 days now
4 days
ok in 5 days it got submitted

@Marijn: The list-updating is getting more and more buggy. I’m trying to add movies to a list, but it often says I’m trying to add movies that are not in the database yet, although the movies are clearly on iCM already. It even happens that it works when I try a second time with the same link.

I’m trying to add movies to this list:
I’m adding in batches. Letters A till L went fine. When I tried to add a bunch of movies starting with M, it said some movies were not in the database. Then I tried one by one. The first one (
) didn’t work. However, this movie is clearly on iCM and there’s nothing wrong with the IMDb-url as far as I can see (no re-direct or whatever). Two minutes later I tried again and then it did work. Next one didn’t work again, etc… I just quit with this title: Again it is on iCM, but the updater says it isn’t.

I hope you can give this priority. The updater should recognize titles correctly and you shouldn’t have to wait two days to add new titles.

EDIT: And after posting this, tried that last title again and it worked… It’s so random, I can’t figure out when it’s working and when not.

I’ll start working on implementing list updating on the new version and will redirect the old page to the new one when it’s finished. It’s just too much of a hassle to make this work again properly on the current live version.

Is that ok with you?

That’s fine with me.