Can't add new films from IMDb


I have been trying to add two short films that are currently playing on MUBI from IMDb to ICM, but when I click on the link that normally directs me to the beta version I just get redirected back to my profile page.


That is strange and should be fixed. Could you log out and log back in on the website?


I have tried to log out and then back on - still the same issue.


I have heard this from other users as well. I can go to the beta however when I click on that link. Did you change some rights so only mods can access that page?


I can’t access it. I think you might just have it in you cache.


Not that I know of. I haven’t changed any of the settings for quite a while. Should I maybe try a different browser?


Sorry. I wasn’t clear. That question was directed at Marijn.
I don’t think another browser would help. Several people have the same problem.


I reverted back to the original beta, so the problem should be fixed for now.


It works again. Thank you Marijn :slight_smile: