Can't add new films from IMDb

I have been trying to add two short films that are currently playing on MUBI from IMDb to ICM, but when I click on the link that normally directs me to the beta version I just get redirected back to my profile page.

That is strange and should be fixed. Could you log out and log back in on the website?

I have tried to log out and then back on - still the same issue.

I have heard this from other users as well. I can go to the beta however when I click on that link. Did you change some rights so only mods can access that page?

I can’t access it. I think you might just have it in you cache.

Not that I know of. I haven’t changed any of the settings for quite a while. Should I maybe try a different browser?

Sorry. I wasn’t clear. That question was directed at Marijn.
I don’t think another browser would help. Several people have the same problem.

I reverted back to the original beta, so the problem should be fixed for now.

It works again. Thank you Marijn :slight_smile:

Is the beta site down?

This link does not work, cannot add movies.

Link works for me.

You mean this one works??

I tested this a bit more - this is really weird, - I cannot access the beta site at all (can access the regular iCM and this forum fine), going in the incognito mode the beta redirects to the regular site.

I have no problems with the beta at the moment. Tried clearing cookies etc yet?

Yes, I dod manage to access that particular link after clearing cache, but still cannot access the beta site, it gess redirected to the regular iCM site now.

The plain beta site url redirects, yes, because that page is not completed. Movie pages and list pages work, though.

Right, clearing the cache helped with that link so I guess all is fine now. Thanks!

I’m having the same problem as described above. When I try to add a new film from IMDB, the link bounces me to my account profile.

Could you try to go to this, login and try the add movies page on the live site again?

I am experiencing the same issue again with being redirected back to my profile page when wanting to add a new film.