Can't check a film

I tried checking this film, and nothing happens. The check mark doesn’t appear. I tried refreshing the page several times, and there’s nothing.

Edit: I was able to check it by searching for the title and checking from the results, but not from the page itself.

I just tried a couple of times. No problem here…

I had the same glitch last night, but the third time it worked normally again.

This issue seems to be recurring - can’t check a movie.

The issue is not specific to any one movie (I can’t seem to check any). The issue is occurring across multiple browsers (I’ve tried up-to-date versions of FF and Chrome) and across multiple devices (I’ve tried my desktop and phone).

Cleared the cache and restarted the browser, but that didn’t help…

I just started a thread reporting the same bug.

I’m also running into this issue now, although I was able to check stuff earlier today.

I think it is a general issue, likely related to the server trouble yesterday. No one has checked anything for several hours. @Marijn is probably sleeping at the moment, but I imagine he’ll look into it when he gets up and sees this thread.

Perhaps this will help:

The first 4 messages occur for me on page load. The last response (400 Bad Request) occurs when I try to check the movie.

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