Can't login in my own existing account

I am a member for long time and entered already over 4500 movies. Since a month I cannot login in. Asked a new pass word but with that I come as A GUEST in my own account and still cannot add movies. When I wrte to the helpdesk you get the numbers and letters combination to prove you’re not a robot. I copy them and I get a new one and so on, I tried at least 10 combinations. I do not want to loose my account; What to do ??? Please HELP… anyone ?!..

Ouch, this sounds very annoying. The only thing I can think of are the obvious think like clearing your cache, trying a different browser or maybe even a different computer, but I assume you already tried that. Does the problem exist on multiple devices?

Are you using any script blockers? That Captcha error sounds like some script is not triggering correctly. Hopefully @marijn can help with resetting the password.

Seems like your session doesn’t get created correctly somehow.

Yesterday, I’ve changed something in the session create code. Could you try again?

I have the exact same problem. I can’t recover my password and I can’t send a message through “contact”, I’m assuming that it is from the same letter combination. I’m surprised I could log in into the forums.

Anything I can do about it?

Try clearing your cookies. That might help

It’s a Christmas miracle! It worked! Thanks a bunch!