Checking movies not working correctly and site is extremely slow

I have noticed that when I try to search for a movie, click on a movie to open the detail page, or click on a list to look at, it takes over 20 seconds for the website to respond. It takes about 15-20 seconds fro the drop-down on the search bar to appear. Also, I have to check a movie multiple times or refresh the page while checking in order for the film to be checked, otherwise, it just acts like it is checking the movie for 20-30 seconds and then leaves it unchecked. I also noticed that when I save a movie to a list I created it takes a long time to save and then sometimes gives me an error saying something went wrong.

I’ve just checked the site and can’t reproduce the things you mention right now.

We had some networking issues lately and I’ve just finished configuring everything. Do you still have issues?

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I’ve noticed similar issues in the last two days. If I check a movie, the movie reel rotates for about 30 seconds but then shows up as unchecked - however, if I switch over to the comments section for that movie, the check mark appears.

More importantly, my checks are being registered on my profile page, in the list pages and in my total number of films watched, but on the Profile Charts page, the last 7 top list films I’ve watched have not been added to my total number of top list checks. On Monday, I was at 4366 top list checks - I have seen 7 top list movies since then, but my total is still 4366.

I just tested it again and it is working fin now. It was still happening 3 hours ago but it seems that it is working again. Thank you.

Hi Jamiku,

The Profile Charts aren’t updated immediately. I don’t know the exact frequency of the updates, but I believe it’s 2 or 3 times a week. If it still hasn’t updated by the end of the weekend, then there may be an issue, but otherwise I’ve not noticed anything strange in the past few days regarding those charts.

Hi Fergenaprido

Thanks for your reply. However, I wasn’t talking about my place in the rankings - what I meant was the number of top list checks under my name on the profile chart page.

It’s working now. I just checked a top list film, and my total increased from 4366 to 4367. But my total was 4366 at the end of Sunday and the 7 top list films I checked on Monday and Tuesday have not been added to that number. I believe my top list total should now be 4374.

Hopefully those checks haven’t fallen through the cracks when this otherwise wonderful site was having issues.

Oh, I meant to add that I can second the other user Samoan about the other issue being resolved - now, when I check a movie it does register as being checked right away.

From my understanding, both the ranking and the number of top list checks get updated at the same time, but I’ve never actually tested it. I’ll watch a film now and try it out myself :smiley:
If they are indeed independent of each other, then I suspect the reason it wasn’t working before was related to the other issues the site was having that now appear to be fixed.

I’ve found that the numbers change right away, whereas the ranking only updates every few days. At the end of each day, I refresh the profile chart page, just to see my new number - it has always worked up until this week. That’s how I noticed that something was wrong.

As I said, it is working now - but my 7 checks from Monday and Tuesday have not yet been added.

I hope you enjoy your film!

Thanks, it was all right.

I just checked, and it seems you’re right. The number of checks in total increased by one, but the number of top list checks remained the same… but then I refreshed again and the top list checks also increased. I only really check the profile charts once or twice a month, so I guess I never noticed.

Anyway, mystery solved, and I’m glad it’s working again.

Except he’s still missing checks from last week (in the rankings and on his profile if I understand correctly, same number, right?). But “official checkcount off” is high on the bug-priority-list at the moment, so I hope it will be solved soon.

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Thanks for your replies, Fergenaprido and Joachimt.

Yes, Joachimt, you’re right - I’m still missing those 7 top list checks, even though the system is working again.

I’m glad to hear that people are working on fixing this bug, and hopefully those checks will be added to my top list checks total. I will keep an eye on it, and let you know if my total is updated.

Thanks to both of you for addressing my problem.