Comment not visible

Hi, I added a comment to a film over a week ago now, and after pressing “Post” the comment never appeared; however, on the film’s page it still included my comment in the number listed after the “Comments” tab:

At first, I had just assumed that my comment needed to go through an approval process or something (I couldn’t remember if there had been a similar gap when I made comments in the past), but it’s now a week later and the comment still hasn’t appeared. Luckily, I did copy-paste my review into a Word document on my computer…at this time, should I just repost it? Or should I hold tight for awhile longer? I don’t want to spam the page with multiple postings of the same comment.

Thanks for your help!

We’ve had some issues with our database about a week ago. Your comment has probably been lost.

Just post it again if you still have it :slight_smile:

Gotcha, thanks!