Comments that need corrections

Use this topic to request deletion or editing of comments on iCM.

Post a direct link to the comments-page where something should be done. Mention which comment should be moderated and why.

Reasons for moderation:

  • Anything breaking the terms of use.
  • Dead links.

Here’s a link to where we are posting on the iCM forum.

But posting here in this topic is fine as well.

I just wanted to let everyone know what a great clean up crew we are and that comments are getting cleaned up. Thank you mods!

We have cleaned up over 400 titles with comments to date.

Awesome! Thanks a lot!

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Marijn, I invite you to say hello on that thread :slight_smile:

Fixed that one, thanks!

Cippenham’s comment

It’s gone.

Comments by nymets and rick220 (and perhaps also the reply by 3eyes to rick’s comment?)

benhere’s comment, and also MilenaFlaherty’s

Done, also had done the ones you posted earlier but didn’t mention it.

Removed. Thanks!

Monty’s comment

Done. Thanks.

Dead youtube links (note that these pages also include dead links from comments with more than one url)
249 by Armoreska:
981 by jerry warton: part 1, part 2
539 by Cippenham:

361 by users mentioned in this post:
788 by users on the first 10 pages of the profile charts:
626 by users on pages 11…40 of the profile charts:

I made a small script that finds dead video links (supported so far: youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, googlevideo) from a profile of any ICM user in a couple of minutes, I can post similar lists for other users. Are there any other video hosting sites with lots of dead links on ICM that I need to check?