Decalogue listing(s)

Hi there, I don’t want to put it in a duplicate thread, because it isn’t excatly duplicate, so I’ll put it here.

Kieślowski’s Decalogue has both one entry for a whole series:

And separate entries for each film:

Jean-Luc Godard’s Histoire(s) du cinéma are listed only as a seperate films and other TV series are listed as one entry, what leads me to believe that Decalogue should follow one of these conventions.

I would also like to point out the inconsistency in nomenclature (Decalogue 2 and Decalogue 3 are named differently, and their names lack opening quotation mark) and the fact that Decalogue listing as a series doesn’t have Krzysztof Kieślowski listed as a director.

In my opinion Decalogue should be listed as the separate entries like Histoire(s) du cinéma, due to vast differences between films.

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EDIT: Fixed links.

Do you suggest to remove the iCM-page for the whole series of Decalogue? Or do you want to replace Decalogue for the seperate episodes on each official list it’s on?

iCM follows IMDb. If there is a page for the series as a whole, there’s also a page for that on iCM. Histoire de Cinema doesn’t have a page like that, so each list it is on will include all episodes. If it had a page as a whole, I guess we should be listing that on the official lists it’s on.

Dekalog was made and screened as one mini-series, though. Whereas Histoire(s) du cinéma was made over a long period of time and each piece screened separately. So Histoire(s) du cinéma is more like sequels than a mini-series. Also, if Histoire(s) du cinéma had a single entry on imdb I would be in favour of putting just that single entry in. When a list includes Dekalog it is noting the entire work as a whole, not the individual parts.

Thank you for the replies.

If ICM follows IMDb then I think it’s better to list Decalogue as one entry, just like it is listed most of the times now. But if so, then I think the seperate entries should be deleted, as they serve no purporse.

The way the database is set up, individual movies/episodes/TV series can’t be banned. So even if those episodes were removed they would just be added back by the users who rate all episodes of shows on imdb. There is an argument for not allowing any TV show episodes, but then TV movies that imdb lists as episodes of shows, even though those shows have no through-line besides production budget, like Play For Today, would not be allowed. My personal ideal solution would be to whitelist shows like that so their episodes are allowed but not regular episodes of most series, but a) I don’t know if that’s something other users would generally agree with, and b) I don’t know how much work and coding and testing that would be for Marijn to implement.

I’m currently watching “Heimat II.” It’s 13 two-hour episodes. I can check the individual episodes and then when I’ve seen the last episode, I can check the whole show. For this the individual episodes are quite handy.

I think that having both entries for the whole show and separate for episodes is redundant, against the convention followed most of the times here and if this approach was abused it would bloat the lists. There are series with hundreds of episodes out there. PeacefulAnarchy’s whitelisting idea seems like the good approach.

If removing entries permamently is not possible now and another solutions are open for debate, then I would also like to ask if it’s possible to change Decalogue II and Decalogue III names to follow nomenclature. Dekalog" Dekalog, dwa is redundant, does not follow the IMDb nomenclature and is simply incorrect, because of just one quotation mark.

This was just a little bug. I just changed the name to “Dekalog: Dekalog, dwa”. I’ll go through the other episodes as well, to correct the names.

I still don’t get what your point is. In official lists, we don’t list episodes unless the list refers to a certain specific episode. The episodes of Dekalog won’t be listed in official lists (Histoires is a special case, because it was never released as a series).

So what do you mean with “if this approach was abused it would bloat the lists”? What abuse? Official lists won’t be bloated with episodes.

“There are series with hundreds of episodes out there.” Indeed, and they are on iCM as well. You can check every episode of Friends if you want. If you don’t want to check episodes, then don’t. We’ve had a lot of discussions before about whether episodes should be on iCM at all, but there isn’t any consensus about it, not even among the select group of moderators.

Ah, somehow I missed that other TV series are also listed as both one entry for series and separate entries for episodes. I thought that allowing Decalogue to be treated differently could lead to including separate entries for other series and allow bloating lists with it. If it is an official solution and is moderated then I don’t see an issue. Thanks for your explanation.

By the way I wanted to say you guys do really good job with ICM.

RWF’s “Berlin Alexanderplatz” has both an overall series page plus pages for individual episodes…

In the case of both “Decalogue” and “Alexanderplatz,” I chose to check the one-stop page alone.

I have done this for Berlin Alexanderplatz, Heimat, Dekalog, and some others that I am still in progress on, like Twilight Zone.

I check off the individual episodes when I watch them, and then if I finish the entire series I check off the corresponding entry for the whole thing. It helps me keep track.

To my knowledge, there aren’t additional official checks associated with the individual episodes, so I don’t see what business it is of anyone else if there are ways to check either one or both.