Display of Owned movies on Profile!

i am using this owned movies option …

but when i open my profile page… number of owned movies displays zero…

is this a bug ?

Since when have you been using it? Maybe it takes some time to update the stats on your profile-page.
I never used it myself, but it does seem to work for others. See this profile for example.

Your favorites and dislikes also display 0. Have you used those? Maybe try to favorite something and see if that one works.

have been using it since 2 weeks… they display normally under owned movies tab…

seems like profile page is the only problem…

have tried using other icons such as favorites and dislikes … they are working fine on profile page

I’ll try myself then. Let’s see if this is a general problem of the number not updating on the profile-page or if it’s something else. Our profiles are not the same, though. You’ve set most things as private and with me everything is public.

I just marked one movie as owned. The number doesn’t update immediately, but the movie shows up, when I click on the zero.
I’ll wait one or two days to see if the number updates.

I have had the same bug for months. The number of my owned movies shows always as “0”. But when I click the number, it shows all my movies correctly, so it has not been a big deal for me.

Oops, I promised to get back on this, but I forgot.

Same problem here. @Marijn: It seems this is a bug.

I’ll take a look, but I don’t know if I’m able to fix this without rewriting a lot of stuff. If that’s the case, I won’t be fixing it and you’ll have to wait for our new version.