Duplicate pages for the same movie

Fixed. Thanks!


Help! Another duplicate (at large)



frbrown’s is done, and Dimitris’s is pending. It’s a weird instance where both pages lead to the same film on imdb without a redirect, so I’m not sure if the duplicate feature will recognize it or not.

It actually does redirect. The second page links to tt02095764, which redirects to tt2095764. The zero is the difference.

PA wrote this over a year ago. No change as it seems.

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying, I thought I was going crazy staring at two identical numbers. I guess this is one of the things that only Marijn can fix.


This title was a pirated video of the live broadway performance. The IMDb link goes to a 404 error.
Please remove this page.

The official film version can be found here: https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/hamilton-2020/

Do you still keep track of pages that should be removed? Please add the above.

fixed, thanks