Duplicate pages for the same movie

Fixed. Thnx


Not a duplicate but

leads to following IMDb page

different title and year

That was a matter of updating the iCM-age. It’s the same movie.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

That’s one of the annoying dupes which the dupe-fixer can’t merge. The tt-code of one page is tt5715874 and the other is tt05715874, so it’s the same number with an extra zero after tt. The dupe-fixer doesn’t recognize it as two separate links. @Marijn should figure out a solution for that.


Imdb doesn’t know those are the same movie. Have to merge on imdb first.

I’ve submitted a merge request on imdb. I’ll check back in a few days to see if it was done so we can merge on icm.

Italy and India

Thanks. Fixed


Merged, thanks!

Yet another (they just keep popping, heh)

You should see the number of dupes EbbyWebby posts on icmforum.com. Dozens a week!

Above is done.