Duplicate pages for the same movie

There is only 1 movie called Five Nights at Freddy’s from 2023.

The below links are for video games, being confused, and should be removed:

Removed the video games. The 2016 FNAF4 is a film on imdb though, so I left it since it has a separate entry from the 2015 FNAF4 video game.



Merged, thanks :slight_smile:

That was a weird one. The tt-code was tt00000000054416. Never seen so many zeros in an IMDb url. Had to remove the page, because it wasn’t possible to merge. One hidden check alas.

This link is to a video game:

This one is the movie:

Two Faces…literally! :stuck_out_tongue: :joy_cat:

All done


Merged, thanks.

Same film in the IMDb links, different title here in Icheckmovies