Edgar Wright 1000 Favorite Movies

My taste in cinema is rather different from Wright’s but I admire his efforts to highlight many lesser known gems. I first encountered his list of different movies on imdb. I see that u/sih13 already put it here. I compiled imdb list with letterboxd version (source: https://letterboxd.com/crew/list/edgar-wrights-1000-favorite-movies) here https://www.icheckmovies.com/lists/edgar+wrights+1000+favorite+movies/kordian/. BTW: thanks to all who favorited and/or added my lists! I know that Wright is no Scorsese or Kurosawa (yet?) but maybe it would be a good idea to make his list official?

It has been under consideration before. Hasn’t been a priority for officialness.
There are four copies of that list on iCM, btw, yours and: