Error message on lists

When trying to access some lists, such as “Music” (imdb), I get a message that the page does not exist. Hope it is possible to fix it, thanks.

They are in the process of switching the names of them.

That means I should really do it now. Been meaning to for a couple of days, but didn’t get around to it yet. I guess Marijn already made some changes to redirect or something. I’ll do this in a few hours.

No, just did the redirects 15 minutes ago.

@morten.brattbakk: Do you still have this issue?

No, works fine now, thank you!

And thank you very much for all the work you and the others have been and are doing on the site, its a fantastic resource and helps me find many great movies I wouldn’t have seen or even heard of otherwise :slight_smile:

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When I try to update my list, I get

Blockquote Whoops!

  • You have specified movies that have not yet been added to iCheckMovies. The missing movies have automatically been added to the movie import queue. You will automatically receive a notificaton when the movies have been imported, if you have specified so in your notification settings.

However the offending title never enters the import queue nor do I receive any email that it’s been imported. This has been an ongoing issue with updating lists. At minimum, it would be useful to know which title is not in the database.

Edit: yeah, no frickin’ idea how to figure out which title is the problem. UGH! :rofl:

This has been an issue for very long and is indeed very annoying. To figure out which title is not yet on iCM, you can go to the page to add a title to iCM. Paste all the IMDb urls of the movies you want to put on a list on that page and add them. The page will tell you which titles are already on iCM and which titles have been added to the queue. Don’t add too many urls at once though, because the page doesn’t work with too many. A batch of 100 mostly works.

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Not exactly a error message but an annoying bug that recently started:

When I go to a list with more than 50 movies, so that the option “Show all X movies” appear at the end of the page, when I click it, it automatically sends me to the end of the list instead of just expanding the list with the remaining movies so I can continue.

So, I have to scroll back again to my previous position.

I just noticed this today as well. Took me a few times to realize what it was doing.

Marijn’s rather busy right now, but I’ll alert him to it so he can look into it once he’s got some free time.

Thanks for reporting it!