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I’ve seen a couple of threads on how to export and can see how to do this on a list by list basis with paid membership. Is there a way to export all lists in one go? Also, why is it not possible to export unchecked movies? Is it a volume of data issue? Thanks

There are scripts that does that :

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Hello bmgrice :slight_smile:

Tim is correct, there is no inherent way on ICM to export all lists in one go. There are user-made scripts that allow for downloading multiple lists at once (they need to be displayed on a single page I believe), but nothing for downloading everything at once.

As for unchecked movies, I suspect that there’s never been a strong desire from the community for this function, and your supposition of it being a volume data issue may be correct. I don’t have a definitive answer for you on that one.

There’s a script for unchecked as well.

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies so far! I’m a bit of a stats nerd so was curious about unchecked so I could pull my own stats together around movie choices.

Where would I find the scripts for pulling the data from icheckmovies?

Many thanks

stats nerd + icheckmovies = perfect match!! :ok_hand:

Here is the script to extract IMDb-urls for movies on a certain page and the next pages:

First it asks you to enter the url of the first page of movies. If I want to export my unchecked movies sorted by most checks first, I should enter this:
Of course you replace my username with your username.
Then you enter the number of pages. If I enter 2, I get the first 50 titles, because every page has 25 titles.
Let it run, takes a while. Don’t enter a very high number. :wink:
It’s not advisable to try to export all unchecked movies…
The result is a csv called icmchart. There you’ll find the IMDb-urls, which you can use however you want (create an iCM-list or an IMDb-list).

You can use this for other pages as well. I sometimes use it to download the 5000 most favorited movies for example.

This script was made by mjf314 many years ago and posted somewhere on icmforum.com.