Film impossible to import

Seems like i can’t import that movie to ICM :

Not a big deal but … strange

It’s because it has no release year. If this is a film that has been released, update its release date on imdb. After that it should be importable.

Thx for the Info PA : can you tell me what are the bare minimum collums to import so i don’t make that mistake again ?

I think release year is the only condition besides having a title. Video games are also not allowed, though at times the filter for them has been broken, but I think it’s functional now. As far as I know if it has a title and year and is not a video game it should import.

The only other thing I’m aware of is a bug where miniseries episodes with no episode number don’t import.

PA, do you have any idea why this movie won’t import?

I tried to add it to a list this week, because it’s on Disney+ here, but it kept failing and still does.

I’m guessing because it’s marked as TV special.At a glance I don’t really see why that would be an issue, but I haven’t seen the parser so I don’t know what makes it hang, but given that the other known issue is also non-standard TV related I’d guess there’s something about the layout that isn’t accounted for.

It seems that several Disney+ shows will not import that are national geographic and listed at imdb as TV Specials, like these:

I wonder if the import filter can be changed to allow these?

I hope so, these are not intentionally excluded. It may take some time for @Marijn to figure out what’s causing them to fail to import, though. If I have time I’ll compare imdb pages that do and don’t import to see if I can guess at the reason, last I looked I couldn’t figure it out.

Just published a new version of the importer which should fix this. Let me know if it doesn’t

They still don’t seem to work. I imported something else after, which did work, so whatever was blocking these still is.

Ah my bad, forgot something. They should work now. Just tried and it went through.

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Yup, seems to work. I’ll check the others that were having trouble.

Thx to all for the repair : i’ll let you know if it works better next time i try to import 15 000 movies :wink:

I can’t get this one imported. I don’t see anything weird with it.

The queue wasn’t stuck, because this was in a list of a lot of movies that had to be imported and the rest went through fine.