Film with unusual characters in title

I tried to first add then check the movie “Die Drei !!!”, (, tt8851630). Probably due to the “!!!” in the title, there are problems with it.

Adding it worked, but I never got the notification message. Now that it’s added, I checked it, but the check isn’t counted. Furthermore, the movie is almost unfindable if you look for the German title.

One could use the alternative title “Die drei Ausrufezeichen” as the main title, I guess.

The check is counted, it’s just one of those cases where there’s a bug that adds a negative check.

We can’t manually change the titles, and in any case even if that was the issue on import I don’t think it’s an issue with it now.

I just searched for the german title and it came up first in the search, so that may just have been a “wait for the db to update” issue.