Films added from imdb not showing the first check in the check count

A number of films I’ve added from IMDb haven’t registered my initial check in the check count. Initially I thought it was a one off glitch, but it has seemed to happen more and more. Here are several examples:

Yes, this is a glitch that pops it’s head up every now and then, and it’s stubbornly difficult to locate the source of the bug. Did you import these films to icm and then check them, or did you use the “also check these films” feature in the import function?

I used “Also check these films”

Okay, that’s consistent with other cases.

What time of day (and in which time zone) did you import these films? There’s been an consistent yet irregular occurrence of the site not registering checks and other changes for about 30 minutes around 8pm PST a few nights a week, so I’m wondering if this could be affected by that too.

Well the most recent one was 5hrs 43min ago. The others are too long ago to say

The same thing happened to me just now. I added this movie here

and selected the “Check title(s) after adding” check box.

The movie was added to the site and was checked. But the check counter remained zeroed.