Films that need info updates on iCM from IMDb

Fixed. Thanks!


Should be:
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Both done

Runtime (incorrect) was tied to a specific country, but now the general runtime is showing as 56 mins. on IMDB.






From now on you don’t need to post update-info requests in this thread. Everyone can do it now!

Go to the beta-page of a movie. Hit the button with three dots and there you see the update-info button. After hitting that, you can refresh the page to check if everything went through as you expected (normally it takes only 2 seconds or so).

If something doesn’t work like you expect, feel free to post here to ask for help.

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The NeverEnding Story 2 ( ) has George Miller as the director, which is correct. But it’s ANOTHER George Miller, not the Mad Max director. So this film should not be listed in the filmography of the other George Miller and vice versa. This George Miller is also known as George Trumbull Miller or George T. Miller.

I don’t even know if Marijn built something in the beta that accounts for multiple directors with the same name. @Marijn?

This one needs a title update!


Incorrect title:

The title should be Malý partyzán, not Mal.

Updated, director and runtime too.

Has a new title!

IMDB still lists Monster Problems as the original title, so no update is feasible. Love and Monsters is already listed as the aka, so it should turn up in searches under that title.

Actually you are right! Sorry.