Films that need info updates on iCM from IMDb


Now on iCM as well.


Missing director




Now titled “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” and year is 2019.

Also, somebody has already checked it…??/


Missing directors

Directors’ names should be changed


These are done.

BTW, whenever you find a director with a corrupted or incorrect name like this, if you link to the director page on beta (click the beta for the film and then click the director in the beta) we can then clean all of them up at once.
This is also a note to @joachimt and a reminder to myself to do it that way. There’s no other easy way to search for these, so it’s best to get them all when we find one.


Missing director


director added


Missing directors


Both updated


These should have the director changed from C. August Nichols to Charles A. Nichols'c.%20august%20nichols'


All done. Thanks


This one has a whole lot of info on IMDb that’s nowhere to be seen on ICM.
And the runtime is only 15 minutes on ICM but 1h 22min on IMDb!

Have a great day


Hitch fixed


Year is 2019


Mel Gibson and Sean Penn together! Year and runtime fixed.


Missing directors


A whole bunch that need the director changed to Chuck Jones'charles%20m.%20jones'


Updated those.


Missing director


director added