Films that need info updates on iCM from IMDb

Missing director


The following episode has the incorrect title. It should be Take Me Back To Hell.

The episode #teamlucifer already has a page at:




Missing director



2019 fixed

The name of the director should be change in all this films. It says Andy Wachowski, instead of Lilly.

all done

la flor in one movie screened in three parts (and the first part has been released in theatres before the movie was finished). ICM has four listings for it. One for the entire movie and three for the three parts, but ImdB hasn’t got entries (anymore) for the seperate parts. In the link I put above here for instance, you’ll get a 404 error when you try to load the linked imbd-page.

because the first part has been screened before the entire project was finished and because the film is screened in three sessions usually, I think it makes sense to keep the seperate listings, but other websites like Letterboxd and do not, so you decide if there is anything that needs fixing here.

@Marijn: Can you remove these three pages? No IMDb page for these.

This movie needs an update on the runtime :

Updated the runtime myself on imdb some weeks ago but it doesn’t show on icm.
Thanks, cheers,

Updated. Thanks.

Listen (2017) (USA) old ICM page directs me to the beta page, and the “…” button, to request a cover update, however that option isn’t showing on this page. Please update the film’s cover image with the movie poster on the correlating IMDb page (linked below).

movie poster:

I don’t see the “update poster” button on any movie page. Can’t even remember where it was, because I never use it.
Anway, as far as I know posters are imported from themoviedb, not from IMDb. This movie has no TMDb button, so I guess it doesn’t have a page there.

except that it does …

Ah, thanks. I’ll look into it.