[FIX IN PROGRESS] Homepage shows activity from random users instead of just my friends

When visiting the homepage https://www.icheckmovies.com/ I used to be able to see my friends’ recent activity (in this case, my boyfriend’s since he’s my only friend on the website) but now I’m seeing recent activity from other users (checks and favourites).

To me this is basically spam because I have no interest in what random people are doing on the website.

Due to the number of entries that are displayed and how frequently they update, my boyfriend’s recent activity gets buried, so I have to scroll all the way down and click “See more activity” (which links to https://www.icheckmovies.com/profiles/activity/?type=friends) to be able to see it.

If this isn’t a bug but a new feature, is there a way I can set the activity shown on the homepage back to “friends only”?


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You’re right, I see the same thing on my account now too. I don’t remember it being like that when I checked the site earlier today.

Thanks for flagging this. I believe it’s a bug and not a new feature. @Marijn’s busy at the moment trying to fix the other bug with the IMDb lists, but I’ll flag this to his attention. It might be some of the work he’s doing on the back end to fix the other bug inadvertently created this bug.


I confirm this happening on my account as well.

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Yes, this is intentional. The personalised activity stream was causing some outages so we removed the “personalised” bit for now. We’re working on bringing it back