[FIXED] Bug with IMDB TOP 50 LISTS & Awards

You probably all got a bunch of messages and notifications about yours and other people’s awards being updated in most IMDB genre lists, from gold to silver, silver to bronze, etcetera. Why? Because suddenly the lists are all plagued with TV shows that didn’t used to be there. I don’t think these lists should include whole series in them, it just doesn’t make sense for a Top 50 films list. Can’t we go back to they way things were?


What are we doing about these IMDB genre lists updates? Suddenly they include a bunch of TV shows?

All of the IMDB top 50 lists just updated and they are all including TV shows instead of just movies now. I just lost 8 awards. Please fix this. (i’m guessing related to all the 503 errors of being down today)

All of the IMDB top 50 lists just updated and they are all including TV shows instead of just movies now. I just lost 8 awards. Please fix this. (i’m guessing related to all the 503 errors of being down today)

I think the same. It should be reseted.

Is it something IMDB changed? And how do we go back? It looks absolutely terrible and it suddenly ruins a whole point of ICM. (Or, IMDB lists at least)

I’m sorry, but I won’t check the series until I actually watch a fair amount of it or perfectly, finish it.

And I don’t intend to give up on watching films to only watch popular TV shows from now on…

Agreed it is not great. I hate checking TV series because maybe there will be other seasons and did I watch EVERY Friends episode?

I hope it can be fixed!

Agreed. We need to have just films, not TV in those lists. Please undo the recent changes and set it back how it was.

Hi everyone.

Thanks for voicing your concerns. This is an issue that we have already been made aware of, and we are working on a fix as best as we can. I’ve also moved all the related posts into this thread, which is why it shows some of you posting the same thing multiple times.

The tv shows in lists (plus other mixups, like miniseries in the documentary list) is indeed related to recent changes on IMDb itself that we have no control of, nor did we know were going to happen.

The temporary fix that Marijn has implemented is that he has rolled back the most recent update to the IMDb lists and paused the auto-update. This means that all erroneously lost/gained awards should revert with the next site refresh.

However, to complicate matters further, the site is currently down, with most users receiving a 503 or 524 error. Marijn’s working on this as well.

We’ll do our best to keep everyone updated on the situation, but please keep in mind that we do have jobs and other commitments so an immediate fix will not be likely.

We appreciate that you all love the site (or at least love your awards :sweat_smile: ) enough to let us know of this problem, and we will do what we can to try and make the lists go back to the way they were. We’re currently looking at backend workarounds to circumvent the recent IMDb changes.

Thanks :heart:


The IMDb lists seem to have been updated with many tv-series, which I think is a huge problem - there is a dedicated IMDb list, which by the way features Stop Making Sense now, which fittingly makes zero sense. Admittedly, that list is dedicated to mini-series, but if needed there should just be an IMDb tv-series list. I think a fix should be considered to revert the lists to what they were prior to whatever change went into the algorithm.

thanks for the reply. Hopefully we can correct that, that looks awful indeed.

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I just renamed the topic so new users will see better at a glance what this thread is about instead of creating new threads about this topic. Merged one more thread into this one and saw two others deleted their own posts after reading this one. :+1:

Today’s update is there’s a proposal in place for fixing the IMDb lists that Marijn will try to implement over the weekend and see if it works.


I am in software and have done a lot with QA Testing (mostly frontend SDET) and DB queries (mySQL and MSSQL). I appreciate this site and also appreciate that you guys have other jobs and lives to live. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to be of help.


Thanks wily. :pray: That’s something only @Marijn can answer as he’s the one who does all the back end work. Us mods generally only interact with the admin interface he built.

Updates from Marijn:

All source URLs have been updated. Now working on removing the last updates

The incorrect list updates have been removed. Expect a lot of award changes tomorrow.


So far I see the lists are back, with my checks showing like before, but the awards have not yet been granted back to match the list.
@Marijn Is there a task or service that can be kicked off to go through all IMDB lists to compare/sync and grant awards needed?

The awards have come back for some people, so it could just be taking a long time to get through everyone in the database. The massive number of award changes the bug triggered actually caused the site to go down for a few hours the first time, so my best guess is that the task has already been triggered and it’s just taking a time. My awards all reverted a day or two ago, so if it’s alphabetical you might be at the end of the process.


Exactly. Aside from that, you’ll get marked for award updates/corrections if you watch more movies on an official list.

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It’s now been a full week and my awards have not changed. I’m guessing that if the award fixing task was running and hurting the site, that it’s been terminated or timed out now.
Can we please kick it off to resume on the users it never got to yet?
8 of my awards need fixed. One award I’m waiting for is a platinum one. If you’re suggesting I watch more movies to trigger the system to update awards on its own, then it won’t because I cannot watch more movies on a list I already have 100% on.
Please help me.

If you need details about the awards I’m waiting for, here’s the email on the day Imdb messed things up:

Yesterday’s award updates also involved you!
Gained: none

IMDb’s Adventure Top 50 (bronze, was silver)
IMDb’s Family Top 50 (gold, was platinum)
IMDb’s Fantasy Top 50 (bronze, was silver)
IMDb’s Sci-Fi Top 50 (bronze, was silver)
IMDb’s Action Top 50 (bronze)
IMDb’s Comedy Top 50 (bronze)
IMDb’s Romance Top 50 (bronze)
IMDb’s War Top 50 (bronze)