[FIXED] Bug with IMDB TOP 50 LISTS & Awards

Have you tried unchecking/(re)checking a film on one of those lists to see if your awards update? Try it with one of the lists where you lost the bronze (Action, Comedy, Romance, War)

@xianjiro (cc: @Marijn)
I really wanted to try to avoid this for a couple of reasons:

  1. When I view my checked movies in chronological order, they will be out of order and the “Date Checked” field will be modified.
  2. I know I am not the only broken person and so many other hundreds or thousands of users will still be broken if I only fix myself with a ‘workaround’.

Though I am still willing to try your experiment and so I setup multiple tests on this first round. I thought it would be worth testing to trigger my award fix 2 ways. First by unchecking a movie I’ve seen and checking it again, but also the other way of checking a movie I’ve never seen and removing the checkmark. I thought it would be best if these tests would also be near the threshold of changing my awards to a different level.

Test One: IMDb’s Fantasy Top 50

  • Current Broken status: I have the bronze award, when I should have silver. Opening the list page shows I have 44/50 movies checked.
  • Since checking one more movie would normally award me the Gold Award, I decided to checkmark the last movie on the list since I have not seen Underground
  • I checked it. I did a hard refresh (Windows PC: ctrl+F5). I then removed the checkmark again and confirmed it with a hard refresh.

Test Two: IMDb’s Action Top 50

  • Current Broken status: I have no award, when I should have bronze. Opening the list page shows I have 37/50 movies checked.
  • Checking one more movie would award me the Silver Award, and I checkmarked the sixth movie on the list since I have not yet seen Dune: Part Two
  • I checked it and did a hard refresh. I then removed the checkmark and hard refreshed.

Test Three: IMDb’s Sci-Fi Top 50

  • Current Broken status: I have the Bronze award, and should have Silver. Opening the list page shows I have 38/50 movies checked.
  • Having one less movie would correctly be Bronze for me, so I decided this time to uncheck a movie I have already seen to trigger the award change in the reverse direction from above tests.
  • I unchecked the 31st movie in the list Stalker and hard refreshed. I then put the checkmark back and hard refreshed again.


  • While doing the above steps in each test, nor while writing out this post, I never have gotten any email from the system that I have gained or lost any awards.
  • The one difference in the last test, is that the movie Stalker now has a “Date Checked” field with today’s date in it, where in the first 2 tests there is no evidence of a change happening afterwards. This may or may not matter to the test results.
  • Also it is possible that to trigger award changes, that I may need to keep the checkmarks modified overnight for when a cronjob will run to see the changes. If this is the case then maybe none of my above tests will have any results without me leaving the checkmarks different for 24 hours and then changing them back again the day after.

I will report back with my findings.

Thanks for being willing to experiment and report on the findings (though I’m a user like yourself – not an admin or mod). If I understood correctly, I’m suspicious enough time hasn’t elapsed between your checking and the update to the award processing though I’ve no ability to suggest what that timeframe should be given the current state of the system.

A couple observations:

  • While awards are now called “instant”, I’d say this is relative. When everything is in good working order, checks/unchecks affect awards very quickly. However, that’s not been my experience as of late. Throughout May I noticed that my awards were taking time though I didn’t try to quantify the length of time. However, I’d say I’d check and not see the award email until the next day. So yes, I’d suggest leaving it at least overnight. Maybe 24 hours even.

  • There have been times when it just seems to take for ever to get a new award, or, before I set most of my settings to private, see changes in the rankings. I found I just needed to be patient, even in the face of everyone else talking about the changes they’ve see. I’ve often wondered if it has something to with with my username coming so late in the alphabet, but I’ve never tried to get an answer to that. It always updates, eventually.

Okay, it’s been about four hours since I checked a movie that results in a platinum, but it hasn’t appeared yet. I’ll try again in a few hours to see how things are progressing. However, I won’t say I was surprised that the award hadn’t appeared yet.

I never got any awards. I am now checking Underground and Dune: Part Two and going to leave them for 24 hours to see if I get anything at all.

Well it’s been about 20 hours and I still don’t have the expected platinum. We’ll see, maybe Wednesday?

@Fergenaprido: what’s the current timeline for awards? It’s been well over 30 hours since I completed the European Film Award list but no update to my awards has taken place (much like @wilyhawk ). I looked through my awards and EFA last updated in Dec 2023, the day after the list was updated. Is the system still working through the fixes of the IMDb lists?

Unless Marijn changed something to combat another issue, Awards are supposed to be instant upon checking a film. The IMDb and ICM lists update twice weekly otherwise (Mondays and Thursdays I believe). Marijn mentioned something about checking a film flags your account for an awards refresh or something (I think), but I’m not clear on the mechanism behind that.

I don’t have any additional information at this time, sorry.

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If that’s true that it should be near instant, then there’s a serious problem. I’ve now checked movies in IMDb lists that should give me a new level of reward I’ve never gotten. It’s been 10 hours and no awards given. I also have not gotten my 8 awards fixed from the original IMDb problem from 2 weeks ago.
Please have @Marijn check out either IMDb lists or maybe it’s my user account. I can’t get awards, please help.

Please open this issue again as it is “Not Fixed”.

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Okay, I finally received the updated award after about 48 hours (give or take an hour).

What about your broken IMDb awards? Have you ever gotten them replaced or fixed?
(I’m still waiting on mine)

TBH, I haven’t checked that closely. I did get a PM from the iCM system saying that there were changes to my IMDb genre lists about the same time as everyone else. I just assumed that meant everything had updated correctly.

I’ll double check those IMDb lists/awards (much) later today, but if you could leave one of your ‘experimental’ checks in place for 48 hours, you should see at least that IMDb list update by then. Might give a bit more information about what’s going on.

Will also mention that a couple other users on the unofficial forum answered my query that they are also getting award updates much slower than is usual. They reported another issue, but I wasn’t clear what they were referring to and asked for more information.

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I am leaving my 2 experimental checkmarks checked to see how long it takes to give me those 2 awards (Underground and Dune: Part Two). So far it has been 37 hours with nothing yet. I will uncheck them after seeing the awards.

I also figured out I can open the awards page for other users and mouse hoverover the award to see what day they got the award, so I can see who got fixed on what day. I opened people on my friends list and here’s what I found out:

Awards fixed on June 4th:
heatherly joined 2012
_ JMT_ joined 2021
kellyoung joined 2011
classicsfan91 joined 2009

Fixed June 5th:
diirtyharry67 joined 2022
Ted B joined 2020
Tallamar joined 2016
Tenkmovies joined 2014
SpacePauls joined 2017

Fixed June 6th:

Fixed June 10th:

Not fixed yet:


  • It seems that there is not a detectable pattern for in what order we are getting fixed. It is not alphabetical and also not in order of our data in the system based on when we joined.
  • There are multiple people still not fixed, but there’s no telling how long it will take to fix everyone. I am not sure if the fix is currently running or stopped since none of my friends have been fixed in the last 2.5 days.

I can’t comment on the other issues you’ve brought up - that’s Marijn’s domain - but I think the pattern might be based on last activity or last check. I’m not sure though.

Thanks for digging in deep and providing all of this data (and you too xianjiro) to help get to the root cause of the new issue.

@Fergenaprido Not trying to argue, but some people had their awards all fixed 3 days ago that have not even logged into this site in over 10 years to check a movie, add a favorite, or anything:

Then I have no clue. :person_shrugging:


  • Still broken
  • 11 days since @Marijn fixed IMDb issue, but no award fix for me yet
  • 56 hours since New movie checks should give awards, but nothing yet

Okay, just recording this - completed 1910s list at 11:40am PDT. Will see how long it takes for update to award.


Okay, I got a couple responses to requests for information about how long awards are taking over at the unofficial forum. It seems some users are updating quickly (a couple hours) and others have noticed a delay (days) and clearly @wilyhawk has stated his aren’t updating at all.

Additionally a couple users on the unofficial forum mentioned that on Profile charts - iCheckMovies.com the number of “top list checks” also has a delay in updating. Per one user: “Now I am only seeing updates to those and awards after the Monday/Thursday main updates.”

In my post immediately above I noted that I’d completed our 1910s list. Will be interesting to see if this updates prior to Monday or not.

Sorry, didn’t get to that yesterday as hoped but took a look and would say my IMDb lists updated correctly on 5 June. (independent of the Monday/Thursday update schedule it appears)