Help Identifying a Horror Movie


Hi all, I have tried posting this in other forms and locations over the years and have no luck tracking down the movie. I am starting to think I imaged it. I remember seeing a movie in the 90s. The movie could have been from the 70s, 80s or 90s. It was a horror film I think it was a sequel to another movie. Because the scene I remember in the movie was a woman was brought into a kitchen, the camera I think planned from the top so it looked like a movie set or an apartment/house with no roof (could be wrong about the camera panning). In the kitchen, a guy puts his hand in the sink and starts to scream like he lost his hand int he disposal. He pull sout a bloody stump and the girl is scared or screams. The guy starts to laugh and pulls off a glove to show it was a gag/fake. He then reset sthe glove in the disposal (which is why I think it was a sequel and this was related to something that the woman saw happen int he previous movie where a guy lost his hand in a disposal, not sure if he dies or not). But then as the guy is resetting it, the disposal gag turns for real and he loses his hand. At which point he is escorted away for medical help.


I don’t know, but maybe you can ask here:


Thanks I will.