Helpdesk Process


Okay, I’ve been engaging with two users about ‘having to log in twice’. One has shared a screenshot with the error message “your form session has expired”. Still no word on if they have tried clearing cookies and if so what resulted.

So my questions here are: I don’t have an answer for them and suspect that Marijn might understand the error message. How do we handle this? Should I pm Marijn? the mods? Just tell those reporting the issue that it will be looked at? Wait until someone else comes along?



My point of view (as one of the two), this bug falls into the category of “very minor annoyance that doesn’t really impact use of the site.” I have to hit a button twice instead of (gasp) once. I can handle that. :grin:

My advice would be to pass the bug along to someone who can fix it (noting it’s low priority), and tell us “thanks for reporting the issue; we’ll look into it.”


thanks for reporting the issue; we’ll look into it. :grin:

I have no idea what the issue is. At this point we can only pass it along to @Marijn to try to diagnose and fix.


This is a very hard issue to debug because so little people are affected by it. I will look into it, but it has a lower priority than other issues.