How have some on ICheckMovies watched so many movies?

Just curious. I see users here with 30,000+ watched movies and one person with 72,000 watch movies!

Are these just films? How is it even possible? I worked it out to around 3 films a day for 65 years! That would be tough, especially considering the virtual non-existence of streaming before around 10 years ago.

So is it lots of shorts and TV show checks or something?

Some of those checks are shorts and TV episodes.

Lots of shorts indeed.
There are also people who watch 5 feature movies a day on average for many years. Keep that up for lets say 10 years, you’re already at 18250 features.

Yeah, true. Although I imagine the burnout rate for that kind of film watching schedule is high.

I mean, since covid I’ve been working from home and I basically have movies on all day. If it’s a really slow day at work, I can get through like 8 or 9 movies in one day basically.

And everyone assumes their own life situation applies to everyone else. While I’m more physically active now, I had a period when my mobility was quite limited and medication made being “out and about” difficult. What would you do if confined to bed for a decade? Couple that with a lifetime lasting over half a century … and of course the other reasons people have mentioned.

Well, there’s no need to make the question sound negative. I, more than most, know that people’s life situation and viewing habits are different from person to person.

The question was about how have people attained these huge numbers (50,000+, some as many as 72,000) and the answer is right here in black and white – via TV show episodes and shorts.

yes its really hard to believe. i personally cant watch this much amount of movies.