How to sort for TV Series only?

Hi, I want to sort my checked list for TV Series only. Since the new design I cant find the option for it. A little help is needed.


In the old design you did it using the tags, right? The equivalent in the new design are filters, but I don’t think there’s a media type filter in the new design.

You can post in this thread asking for one, or any other feedback you have: iCheckMovies vNext feedback

I don’t know if this is an intentional change or not.

Yes indeed I used the tags on the old design. So you are not able to sort for TV series atm? Strange. Is there any way to switch back to the old design? I dont really see the benefit of the new design if you have less functions and it looks quite poor overall.

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My understanding is that for now the site is rotating which pages are forced to the new design precisely to get this kind of feedback. So no, you can’t switch back, the checks page might go back to the old design for a while later, (the unchecked one isn’t forced at the moment, for example), though eventually everything will move to the new design permanently.