iCheckMovies Tampermonkey Userscript to Add External Website Buttons

Hi. After a friend of mine asked, I created a simple Tampermonkey userscript. It adds quick search buttons for some databse, torrent or subtitles websites.

You can get it from Greasy Fork.

“You can control on which pages you will see the whole buton bar or which ones of butons”
This is very much appreciated! It looks nice on a movie-page, but if I’m viewing a list in compact mode, I want it to be compact and not have an extra bar of links. Glad it’s possible to turn it off on certain pages.

Actually, if you always view lists in compact mode you can just choose not to see whole bar on list pages (compact or not).
For that, find the control board in the script and change these "1"s to “0”.

But you were right when you say compact mode should remain ‘compact’. I’ll try to make a new version which added in a switch special to compact view. If I manage, switch will be off as default. I am a new-starter at coding and change things according on-page buttons is still tricky for me. So, I am just saying I’ll try.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi, great to see more userscript writers tinkering with the site!

One tip (if you don’t mind me spoiling the puzzle) for figuring out a page state is to open the Inspector tool in your browser and observe what changes in the HTML structure when you toggle the list mode. You can notice there are two CSS classes that get added or removed to the element that holds the list depending on the current layout, so by checking their presence you can make the script work differently in each layout.

Thanks for advices @bobbybrown.

@joachimt I share a new version which has a option for compact view. It is like you want as default now.

Nice script thanks. But could it be possible for you to change it so it also works on the /movies/watchlist/ page?

I updated the script. Not only whatchlist but all user lists (recommended, favorited e.t.) is included.

That’s was totally my bad. I don’t have full knowledge of Icheckmovies.

Thanks for your suggestion.

New update works on all users lists as intended, But the links are missing from the movies page now, it worked in the first version (https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/leon/) ?

That was the mistake. After a few days passed, I figured and corrected. You can reinstall the script.