iCheckMovies vNext feedback


What is y? The highest? The lowest? The previous?


The highest


How about separate entry for the highest number of official lists a film has been on? I think a statistics part of a movie detail page should ideally have a minimum of text and a maximum of numbers.
Not a big deal, though, just a suggestion. And it’s interesting information anyhow.

Also nice, but also tricky (because spoilers) to have a plot line. I think it’s basically a nice detail, but all depends on the execution of course. Where do you get those summaries?


I just got another idea. How hard would it be to import (primary?) ‘country of production’ tags from IMDb? Would make it a lot easier to filter our checks without directly having to use IMDb.


@Marijn: You mentioned somewhere that you will add the possibility to edit the check-date of a movie, even in the past before iCM existed. Is it possible to make it so that the check-date will be set according to the rating-date in an IMDb-csv when you import that to iCM? I like the idea of having correct check-dates, but I don’t want to go through all the titles I’ve imported at the start of my iCM-life to edit those dates. When an import of my IMDb-ratings can do the trick, it’s mostly correct for me (and probably a lot of users).


Yes, that’s already on the TODO list :slight_smile:


@Marijn? Any idea if this would be an option?


It could be done, yes. I’ll add it as a feature idea. Once iCM vNext is online, I’m planning on asking what to work on via a monthly poll or something. This could be one of the entries in that poll.