iCheckMovies vNext feedback



In the meantime there have been a lot of updates on the beta:


  • Small layout fixes on movie pages
  • Add movie page now correctly reports if a movie is already on iCheckMovies
  • Use tabs to quickly switch between checked/unchecked/watchlist/etc on overview page
  • Add option to change the check date of a movie (premium users only)
  • Added some more statistics to movie page (still need to add more)


  • Add list overview page
  • Add list detail page
  • Add check progress to list page
  • Add checks to next award to list page (premium users only)
  • Use tabs to quickly switch between checked/unchecked/new on list page
  • Option to select which version of a list you want to see (premium only)
  • Add comments page to lists
  • Add list info edit page (movies is not working yet)
  • New, lower rank and higher rank counts of a list update are now correct


  • A lot of small layout fixes/improvements
  • Recalculate official list check count for users after list update
  • Recalculate official list count for movies after list update
  • Created a better way to track exceptions that occur on the site
  • Update to new IMDb URL’s for decade and genre lists to make the lists less volatile

I plan on posting a monthly-ish update here on my progress.
Please check out the beta (https://beta.icheckmovies.com/movies) and report your findings here :slight_smile:

Note: Pages that have not been finished on the beta redirect to the current live version.


The watchlist-tab shows a movie for me, that’s not on my watchlist.

The rest of my watchlist on the beta matches my watchlist on the live version.


Are you sure this movie isn’t on your watchlist? Is there ‘Remove from watchlist’ in the context menu?

The beta doesn’t hide checked movies yet, so that might be the issue.


There is “Remove from watchlist” in the menu.

On the live version I don’t see it on my watchlist. Does it automatically hide checked movies

On the movie page on the live version, the plus symbol isn’t highlighted.