iCheckMovies vNext feedback


Can we please ban people who barely write anything in the comments and instead shamelessly plug their own sites/blogs? At least shadowban them so the comment section makes sense…


I edited your post, no need to call anyone out by name. Your point still stands without that.


alright :slight_smile:


Just noticed can’t log in to https://beta.icheckmovies.com at the moment. Not sure if this is expected or not.

My login on www.icheckmovies.com is unaffected - I haven’t been logged out and can access pages without issue.


I would like that the button for owning a movie isn’t in the dropdown menu but right accessible like the regular website.


There hasn’t been an update on the progress of the new design lately, so I thought this would be a good time to make good on that.

We’ve done a lot of work prepping for the new version. Most of this work is invisible to you, because it’s more on the backend. The core code of iCheckMovies is still mostly the same as it was when we went live with 2.0. The same goes for the infrastructure. We’ve been slowly replacing stuff to improve your experience on the site, but also our life on managing it.

Things we’ve improved:

  • Updating of movie information is now more robust and accurate
    We’ve rewritten everything related to updating movies
  • Merging of movies
    Sometimes IMDb creates a new page for the same movie and redirects the old one to it. If this new movie is added to iCheckMovies, a duplicate page will be created. Our moderators have the ability to merge those movies to one page, while keeping checks and list entries intact.
  • Adding/updating movie posters
    We’ve changed from MoviePosterDB to Cinematerial and fixed the import of posters.
  • The IMDb parser for movie pages has been rewritten
    To fix issues with aka titles and some other minor stuff
  • We moved to a Docker based infrastructure
    All our new services will be more like microservices and therefor Docker is an excellent way of running them as small independent containers.
  • We’ve dockerized the iCheckMovies website (the new version that is)
    So it runs on our new Docker based infrastructure.
  • We’re now using a build server
    To automate building and deploying of the site and all dependent services.

And next to this, we’ve also been working on the new design:

If you have any questions, shoot. I’ll be happy to answer them.



Maybe someone could explain to me what this feature does exactly. It does sound like a ‘power user’ feature, so if we decide to add it, it will probably be after we’ve completed the redesign.


It’s basically an AND search on lists, so you select two(or more) lists and it shows you what films they have in common. It’d be a really cool feature to have, and I find the ICMenhanced implementation cumbersome to use so it would be useful if it was part of the site.


Ok, that is a cool feature and quite easy to build. I’ll add it to the backlog :slight_smile:


The cross-reference feature cross-references two (or more) lists and produces a new (temporary) list with all the movies the referenced lists have in common (it shows only your unchecked by default, but you can set it to show you all the movies in common).

It’s useful if you want to work on the TSPDT movies that are also in the Criterion Collection or if you want to watch all the movies from Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography that are also on the They Shoot Zombies list. Personally I’ve used it to cross-reference which of the Korean Film Archives’ Youtube channel movies (shameless plug!) are also on one or both of the official ICM Korean lists.

It’s definitely a power user feature, but quite useful at times. I’m torn about whether I think it’s a good idea to incorporate it into ICM or not. I can imagine that for some users it might be confusing and I think the current script works really well (and is kept up to date by Bobbybrown and themagician).

Edit: beaten to the punch.


Thanks for the update, Marijn!

Two quick questions at the moment:

  1. You’re talking about “we”. Is Piet still helping out?
  2. On the rankings-page, the exact number of checks isn’t mentioned, but instead you list 9.2K for example. Is there a reason for this? I think people who like the rankings want to see the exact number, so they can quickly see how many checks they are behind the next user.


Yes, although he doesn’t do much at the moment. He still needs to finish the design of the profile, blog, awards, signatures and front pages.

The reason is that it’s consistent with the rest of the site. You can see the exact number if you hover over the ‘9.2K’.


Ah, didn’t notice. That’s fine.


25 people will be very happy to get on page 1. :smile:
In 2.0 every page of the rankings is 25 users long. In 3.0 it’s 50 long. Come on, PA, you’re nearly there!!


I’m looking at the new version of the list page, and I can’t seem to find where the source link is? In 2.0 the source link is at the bottom together with the date of the last update, at least for official lists.


Oops, forgot :blush:

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll add it later today.


The source link and last update timestamp are on the bottom of the list again. Don’t know if they will stay there, but it’s ok for now.


Please roll back. I love ICM, but this new design is too different and it feels a bit generic. I know you put a lot of effort into it, and i’m sorry but i dont like it. It is just my opinion, but i think i’m not the only one who feels that way.


In the new view for “Your Watchlist Movies,” I can’t find a way to move films up and down the list. Reordering the list is an important feature of the watchlist for me, since I use the watchlist to prioritize which movies I plan to see soon.